Medical Indemnity Insurance

Medical indemnity insurance is essential for any individual professional or establishment providing medical services - this includes 'traditional' professions such as doctors, nurses, paramedics and dietitians as well as complementary and holistic therapists such as acupunturists, aromatherapists, homeopaths and even Yoga teachers. In today's competitive, fast moving environment the potential for errors in the performance of services (alleged or actual) is all too real. Dissatisfied patients increasingly sue when things go wrong and the financial ramifications can be severe.

Why do you need medical indemnity insurance?

Without medical indemnity insurance, you run the risk of being exposed to many liabilities such as:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Mental Injury
  • Neglect
  • and many more...
  • Duty of care
  • Error or omission
  • “Good Samaritan” acts
  • Loss of or damage to tangible property

Subject to all relevant terms and conditions and exclusions a medical indemnity insurance policy will cover an individual or establishment against claims made against them resulting from an incident of Medical Indemnity Insurance or Good Samaritan Acts and will pay all defense costs incurred with the consent of the underwriter.

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Medical Indemnity Insurance - Cover provided

By having Medical Indemnity Insurance or as it is sometimes know medical malpractice insurance a person or establishment is providing protection to the health professional if legal action is taken against them. By having Medical Indemnity Insurance cover the liability of payment of a successful negligence claim is no longer the repsonsibiltity of the medical professional but is transfered to the insurer. The amount of cover taken out under a medical indemnity insurance policy will provide cover up to this limit for any damages that are awarded if negligence is proved, alslo covered are any legal costs which might arise in defence of a claim.

Medical Indemnity Insurance quotes

We are able to provide online quotes for some practising classes who may require medical indemnity insurance cover. Where we are unable to quote online we are able to offer to you a full brokering service.

Most traditional professions/organisations will need to complete a proposal form and return this to us via email, fax or post. Once this is received we will forward the application onto various medical indemnity insurance providers, this will give you a choice of covers and premiums at hopefully competitive rates.

If you need any further information, take a look around this website or alternatively get in touch with a qualified broker by telephone on 01323 648000 or by direct link to a qualified broker using our unique LiveBroker system, where you can actually see and speak to our brokers live over the internet.

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